Regional Academies of Sport Incorporated (RASi) is a unique
body representing the 11 Regional Academies of Sport
that operate across New South Wales.

Parliamentary Reception

The Regional Academies are fortunate to receive strong support from all their respective Members of Parliament within the NSW Government. Academies work diligently to ensure their local Members are kept informed of athlete achievements and Academy initiatives.

Similarly, local Members demonstrate great support for their local athletes and sporting communities through their advocacy and personal involvement in Academy activities.

A wonderful tradition has been established with the support of both The Speaker of the House and the Minister for Sport and Recreation, whereby a select number of athletes from each Regional Academy, together with coaching and support staff, attend a reception hosted by the Speaker in Parliament House.

This event features over 100 guests including Members of Parliament, Local Government, corporate supporters, media, Academy athletes and family members, and other Academy representatives. The reception is an opportunity for local Members to show their support for Academy athletes in person and for the athletes to meet their respective Members and chat about their goals and achievements along the way.